Microsoft Azure DevOps

Microsoft Azure is a robust and versatile cloud computing platform to meet the needs of modern websites. We are experts in its use to host Umbraco CMS websites.

Web Apps

Azure webapps provide a scalable, high performance, light weight, serverless web infrastructure. 

Azure DevOps

We fully automate our deployments directly from source code updates and we utilise IAC for platform versioning and integrity.


Cloud hosted databases allow for scalable and secure data management with daily and monthly backups and a 30 day retention policy.


Isolated resource management which provides secure access management and SSL certificates configured per domain.


Some application data is securely hosted using Azure storage accounts with point in time backup features.

Application Insights

Real time uptime, traffic management and resource usage reporting to allow us to run optimal setups and cope with varying traffic.


Cloudflare is a widely used content delivery network (CDN) and security service provider that helps websites improve their performance, security, and reliability.


Code minification, web caching and image optimisation all help in reducing load times and boosting web performance.


End to end SSL encryption, Web Application Firewall configuration and DDoS attack mitigation.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Utilising Cloudflare's Web Caching capabilities allows us to cache images and media and serve them via the global edge CDN.

Image Resizing & Optimsation

Utilising Cloudflare's image optimisation and resizing feature means our websites serve optimal image sizes for super fast performance.

Access Management

Using the WAF feature we are able to securely manage access to back office systems and staging versions of our websites.

Domains & DNS

These features allow us to manage all things related to your website domain, traffic and securely assign your domains to our servers.

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