LION Picture Framing Supplies Ltd is a leading trade supplier of everything you need to frame and hang pictures, canvas and printed panels.

Work Lion

The Challenge

The first obstacle involved revamping the frontend with a fresh design and incorporating up-to-date frontend tools. Subsequently, the revamped design and branding were applied to the remaining sections of the website. Additionally, an interactive web component was developed for a "Chop Service" catering to picture frames.

Our Approach

Recreate the current frontend using modern frontend techniques, incorporating the webpack build system, chunking, Sass, and JavaScript ES6. Collaborating closely with the client and adhering to the initial branding, we utilized Figma to design different sections of the website. These sections were then reconstructed with a focus on performance and search engine optimization (SEO). The Chop Service component, designed in Figma, was implemented using JavaScript ES6 and dynamically loaded to prevent any impact on the loading time of other pages.


We are responsible for maintaining the frontend of LION's, ensuring that scripts are kept up to date, updating existing components and developing new features. Our team utilizes the LION's Trello board to assign and discuss work tickets, while Slack serves as our primary communication tool.


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